VidAngel review – Cheap Movie Streaming and Filtering for $1 Per Day

VidAngel review – Cheap Movie Streaming and Filtering for $1 Per Day

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Ok, I think VidAngel is the best movie rental service ever! Not only is it cheap and convenient movie streaming platform, the video filtering feature is awesome!

First of all, VidAngel is cheap and convenient. You can stream movies or tv shows for only $1 per day ($2 for HD). The way it works is you purchase the movie for $20, and then when you sell it back, you get $19 credit (if you only had it for 1 day) to your account. Also, there is an auto sell back feature to prevent you from forgetting to return the movie, so you don’t get over charged.

Probably the most important VidAngel feature is the filtering ability. As you can see in this video, you can filter out everything! From simple words like poop, or the big swear words, or sex scenes, you are in control of what you see or don’t see.

Like I said, this is awesome for filtering kid movies. I found VidAngel when I did a Google search for “Back to the Future TV edit.” I thought for sure there would be a way I could watch the TV version of the movie. To my surprise, VidAngel came up, and we have been watching movies this way ever since!

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Filter your movies and keep them clean with VidAngel!

VidAngel Review
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